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This website was created in 2015 as a means of showcasing photos taken over the years from different locations around the world. What started off as casually capturing memorable moments or beautiful locations has steadily developed into more of an obsession with each new journey planned. Hopefully if browsing in the Destinations section you will notice an improvement in the overall quality of photos taken.




Since beginning my travels the equipment used has changed, with new upgrades every few years. In the early days little consideration was given to photography, with most shots taken on cheap point-and-shoots. Later upgrades included a Canon PowerShot, followed by the Canon 600D and Canon 700D (the latter succumbing to water damage in Burma). Since 2015 I have been using the Canon 5D, which gives a much higher resolution and quality of picture than previous cameras.


Travels- Past and Future


Having moved to Dubai in 2012 for work reasons, destinations in Asia and Africa have become much more accessible. Long may this continue. My most recent travels was a visit to the DRC and Kenya in August. Jordan and the Holy Land is up next in October and careful consideration is now been given to the next trip in December (with Russia or Belarus most likely).


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And yes, I am aware many of these places are actually on the map, but it's difficult finding an original domain name, particularly one which captures the excitement and sense of adventure one gets when travelling around the world.